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What can a physiotherapist do for my child with Down Syndrome?

Infants and children with Down Syndrome come in all variety of shapes, sizes and intellectual ability. One thing all children with Down Syndrome have in common is a difficulty with their motor system. All children have hypotonia, where their muscles feel loose and it's difficult for them to move against gravity. Their muscles are actually set at a different tension. This then leads to problems with strength, coordination, posture, balance and of course reaching their motor milestones. With help from a pediatric physiotherapist, they can strengthen their muscles, correct their posture, improve their movement coordination and learn their milestones at a quicker rate. The attainment of milestones at a quicker rate, helps them to integrate easier with their peers. In a study done by Urlich et al., 2008, found that the introduction of treadmill training when infants with Down syndrome had just learned to sit, accelerated the time it took them to walk independently. If you are in the Montreal area and you need help with your infant or child with Down Syndrome, contact me at or visit my website at

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